This spectacular Palace situated near Badi Choupad and the City Palace was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799 A.D. It is also known as Palace of the Winds. World famous and the glory of Jaipur, this pyramid-shaped building has octagonal windows and small niches laced with fine screens. This five-storeyed stunning monument resembles the crown of Lord Krishna. It is a fantasy in pink sandstone and has become the hall mark of the Pink City. The facade we see from the street is its back and has 360 windows. This building was built to enable the queens of the palace to have their privacy and watch the Sawari of Maharaja and the processions as well as the decorated pageants on the occasion of special festivals. Jhankis were arranged in the temples and the queens had great fun watching them.

Facing the Hawa Mahal there are shops and Maharaja Sanskrit College renowned as an eminent centre of study. There is a temple near the front part of the palace. It is very old and has a Snan Kund and Sharad Mandir. At present Hawa Mahal has been converted into a National Museum called "Jaipur—Past, Present and Future". This Museum is worth seeing and has a large collection of ancient paintings, coins, handicrafts, sculptures etc. It is said that the hands of artisan Lal Chand Ustad were chopped so that he might not be tempted with money to make another such building. However, he was rewarded with a village for his great artistic skill.