Behind Govind Dev Ji temple is situated a pond known as Taal Katora. It is said that the King of Amer used to come here for hunting.

The Talkatora pond abounds with aquatic animals like fishes, tortoises and crocodiles. The crocodiles are fed by the Treasury Department. On three sides of Taal Katora there is a sand embankment and in the south stands the Badal Mahal.

The processions of Teej Mata and Gangaur converged at the Talkatora with great Visarjan (immersion) ceremony.

At present Talkatora is not in a good condition and is languishing for its lost life and glory. It has dried up because of lack of rain. Now instead of fresh water from the Jai Niwas Udyan (garden) dirty water flows into it from all the houses around it.

When Sawai Jai Singh built Jaipur, a Haweli was constructed for the Prime Minister of Jaipur. Since then Jai Sagar Pond is known as Raja Mal Ka Taalab.

During the reign of Raja Ram Singh the city and the royal palace were greatly neglected. At present a colony named Saint Kanwar Nagar has grown up here.

A place for hunting was built and the neaby pond was named Jai Sagar Taalab.