Yash Mandir or the Hall of Glory is situated above Deewan-e-Khas and Sukh Mandir or the Hall of Pleasure is built in the Garden, called the Mughal Garden opposite the Deewan-e-Khas. The Yash Mandir has a beautiful jali work in the windows through which one can enjoy the placid Maota Lake and Kesar kyari. Sukh Mandir was the resting place for the kings and queens in the dull summer season. Fountains and marble architecture in the garden create an air-conditioning effect and make the tourists enjoy the cool of winters in hot summer months. A long corridor in the Sukh Mandir has sandal wood doors studded with ivory work. Sprawling gardens, flowing water having the smell of sandal and the cool breeze of the lake justify the name Sukh Mandir given to this palace.